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Precision machining and successful mechanical engineering has more than 100 years of tradition in Aschersleben. ZIFA Zifferndruck GmbH continues that tradition since its foundation in 1993.

In October 1993 a few employees of the formerly state-owned and later on closed VEB Zifferndruckwerke Aschersleben decided to continue with long-life quality marking products and ZIFA Zifferndruck GmbH was founded.

The first product line focused on well-established laundry marking machines. Soon customers requested better techniques and extensions of the present model. The company was able to develop new, competitive products to attract more customers.

A second pillar of the business emerged from the production of ticket stampers and tube punches used in trains, busses and ferries and for industrial purposes. The market for mobile marking devices was further developed and extended on an European level.

The first site of the company was located on „Graben 33“, the premises of the former VEB Zifferndruckwerke not far from the town centre of Aschersleben. But soon the management decided to build a new and modern facility that fits all the growing requirements of this prosper enterprise. In 1997 ZIFA moved its business operation to the new site in the industrial zone "Aschersleben - Güstener Strasse".

As for the main business ZIFA continued to produce the ticket stampers for mobile marking and devalueing tickets as well as the manufacturing of laundry marking machines. In addition ZIFA offered further precision engineering products and services for industrial engravings.