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Industrial Engravings

ZIFA Zifferndruck also provides technical engravings for industrial use. Supported by our CNC milling and engraving machines we offer solutions for a productive high speed machining of steel, brass, copper, alumnium etc. such as:

- Electrodes and tools
- Embossing dies
- Metal stamps for printing, marking and lettering
- Embossing/printing/cutting cylinders
- Precicion milling and engraving

Our machines are able to work with many appropriate templates such as your favourite logo or design.

The parts we can work on can have a maximum size of 120mm length, 240mm width, 100mm height. The engraving tool starts at a diameter of 0.1mm and type size can be as small as 0.8mm at minimum.

Please contact us and let us know the details of your project and we will find a solution.

Marking of steel and other metals by engraving

Favourite designs and logos
Individual engravings on request
Maximum size of parts 120mm lengths, 240mm width, 100mm height
Letters minimum size 0.8 mm
Diameter minimum 0.1mm
CNC-engraving machines