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ZIFA Tube Punch

The ZIFA Tube Punch represents another possibilty to devalue tickets. A single hole is punched into the ticket instead of the print produced by the ZIFA Ticket Stamper. With its simpler design the tube punch offers an economical alternative to our standard product. Compared to ordinary tube punches our product features a few outstanding characteristics often viewed as a better solution.

Main Features

The round hole punched by the ZIFA Tube Punch has a diameter of 4mm (1.5mm up to 6mm and other shapes on request). The typical distance between ticket margin and hole is 15mm with a range up to 20mm on request. A perforation can be managed up to a thickness of 0.8mm for paper or cardboard and up to 0.5mm for plastic (e.g. laminated cards). The tube punch weights less than 300g.


- ZIFA Tube Punch can be equipped with a 4-digit or 6-digit electronic counter

- Counting only with ticket inserted

- The counter can be reset (switch underneath)

- Waste is collected in a special compartment of tube punch

- There is no need for any exchange parts, very low maintenance effort

- Long life cycle due to a high quality punch tool

- Button cell of the electronic counter (if present) lasts up to 2 years and more

- Available in different colours (on request)

Devaluation of tickets and cards (paper/cardboard/ plastic) by punching

Hole diameter 4mm, 1.5mm...6mm on request
Different shapes available
Distance perforation to ticket margin 15mm up to 20mm
Weight <300g
4-digit or 6-digit electronic counter as an option
Waste compartment
Easy handling
No maintenance needed
High quality product, durable