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Ticket Stamper

Ticket Stamper

The ZIFA Ticket Stamper is a hand held printing instrument that is suitable for a variety of fields, e.g. devalueing train tickets, marking of paper or cardboard. A print is obtained by inserting the ticket and pressing the handles of the stamper together. That joins the type matter, the ribbon of the ink cartridge with the paper. The type matter consists of a number of digit wheels that can be set to access numbers (0..9), symbols or letters. The position of the wheels can be set to the desired combination after opening a flap on the front of the stamper. Additionally, a perforation can be added to the print. The ZIFA Ticket Stamper offers a great variety of uses. With its flexibility it can be tailored to fit many specific needs – from the the traditional train tickets to marking tickets on ferries and busses and other uses.

Technical Details

The ZIFA Ticket Stamper is constructed of aluminum and steel parts and has a refined surface. The type matter consists of up to 12 wheels containing numbers, letters or symbols. The typical height of these characters measures 3mm. A fixed block of up to 6 characters can be added in front of the print with a vertical postion to the wheels and a height of 2.2mm. The length of the complete print is 27mm.

...light weight and convenient

With the weight of approx. 300g the ZIFA Ticket Stamper is convenient for every use. You can wear it on a wrist loop or a chain. The ZIFA Ticket Stamper is very easy to use. When the flap is open the wheels can be easily set with the setting stick. Simply remove the cover for a quick and clean change of the cartridge if neccessary.

...productive and precise

A soft manual pressure produces a clear legible print. A constant print intensity is guaranteed by the adjustable pressure limitation which prevents overstress and insures that all images are of equal excellent visual quality.

In addition to our standard model we offer a variety of special options. Please have a look on the following pages.

Print sample:
suitable for marking train,bus, ferry, event tickets
imprint, perforation as an option
combination of letters, numbers, symbols
10-12 diferent wheels possible
type wheels easy to adjust
individual options possible
digit height 3mm
fixed pre-set type, up to 6 digits
lenghts of imprint 27mm
weight <300g
wrist loop or chain
long life product
Special Options