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Since its foundation in 1993 ZIFA has shown a continous development and some changes. The founders of ZIFA GmbH have passed on the management to the hands of the next generation. From 2007-2015 managing director Claudia Schinkel and production manager Ronny Becker took care of the company. In 2016, the position of managing director was passed on to Ronny Becker.

ZIFA aims to continue the traditional production portfolio but will further develop the company product lines. One important strategy is the intensive training of young employees in all essential production steps at an early stage in order to preserve the knowledge and special skills in the future and to enhance creativity.

Today, our core business contains the manufacturing of ticket stampers and tube punches in many different varieties. Supply of spare parts and accessories for our products are also services offered to our customers. Of course you can request maintenance and service for ticket stampers and tube punches. As an additional service we provide technical engravings for industrial purposes.

Our customers value our service and the high quality of all our products. We are proud to supply the Deutsche Bahn AG and many other major train companies throughout Europe for many years now.

ZIFA has continuously expanded its national and European sales activities by gaining new customers and establishing long-term business relationships. The focus of ZIFA further aims at extending and strengthen our international position.

In 2013, on our 20th anniversay, we said thank you to all our customers, business partners and employees.

We are convinced that more than two decades of continous and stable development will lead ZIFA into a successful future.

We are looking forward to 2018 to celebrate 25 years of successful business.