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The long-term success of ZIFA is owed to the know-how and the commitment of our employees.

Well-trained, experienced and creative employees take care of customer needs. New features to match special requests can be developed and realized in short term. Within the last years we decided to hire new experienced employees as well as young people in order to strengthen our core competences and to invest in ZIFA's future.

Our production process is ensured by an extensive plant with traditional milling, boring and turning machines as well as modern CNC operated engraving tools. A tabletop dispensing robot is used for accurate, consistent and quick production of ink cartridges.

Most of the production and assembling of our products take place in our facility in Aschersleben. Trusted business partners deliver services such as coatings and components e.g. cast parts for the ticket stamper body. These blanks are the basis for all our ticket stamper models.

Besides the day-to-day production of incoming orders the ZIFA team works on continous enhancement of all products and services regarding the extension of product life and the further improvement of quality By that we now offer e.g. a new adjustable hand wrist and wheels with improved firmness.