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Ticket Stamper

Model Electronic Counter

This ZIFA Ticket Stamper has a 4-digit counter built in, that totalises the number of ticket stamps. There are a variety of uses: e.g. to count the number of passengers on a certain route, on a particular train or within a given time period.


The Electronic Counter in detail:

- Electronic counter: 4 or 6 digit LCD
- 6mm characters
- Reset with setting-stick (through hole at the bottom of the stamper)
- Long lasting micro switches

Suitable for marking train, bus, ferry, event tickets (paper/cardboard) and totalising of ticket stamps

Model Wired Connection

The built-in counter can be spared if there is an external device at hand that can do its job. This could be the onboard unit for tickets on your bus or some other device that can count or register the signal from a micro switch within the ticket stamper. The ticket stamper connects to that unit via electric cord and the counting pulse will be transfered from the ticket stamper to the counting device. If it's an onbord unit, a time stamp can be added to the report every time a print has been made.

The Wired Connection in detail:

- External counter output
- Integrated connection socket
- Long lasting micro switch
- Retractile Coiled Cord stretches up to 2 meters
- Full report with time stamp can be generated

The Wired Connection can be added to almost the whole range of ticked stampers and tube punches and can be combined with other options as perforation or built-in clock.