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Additional Features

For our standard as well as our other models (special options) we offer a variety of additional features to choose from. This way, every customer can get the ZIFA Ticket Stamper and Tube Punch that fits his individual needs.

Ticket stamper with various colour coatings
We supply our standard model with a metallic grey coating. All ticket stampers and tube punches are also available with different colours at extra cost. The customer usually defines the appropriate RAL number of the colour desired.


Watch Chain instead of Wrist Loop
The ticket stamper is equipped with a wrist loop for convenient transportation. A short chain or a watch chain are also available at additional charge.

Print combination
The type matter consists of up to 12 wheels and can contain a large variety of numbers, letters and symbols.


Choose your combination and our technical team will offer any support to match your specific needs. The demand for special options and unique models is constantly growing – please share your ideas with us and we will turn them into technical reality.