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Model Perforation

To prevent ticket manipulation is a very important issue for our customers. We offer an addition to the base ZIFA Ticket Stamper that increases security: a hole is punched beside or beneath the standard print to prevent further use of the ticket.

Perforation beneath the print
A hole is punched beneath the print with a diameter of 1.5mm. Due to this construction a fixed block of 3mm width sits in the center of that print. The block can be used to print a fixed ID-number, a logo etc.

Perforation beside the print
A hole is punched beside the print with a diameter of 1.5mm. The perforation is situated between the print and the margin of the ticket. A modified ink cartridge is necessary for that construction. The perforation beside the print is less costly than beneath the print and does not require a fixed block in the middle, which provides more flexebility in arranging the wheels for the print desired.

Print samples:

Suitable for marking train, bus, ferry, event tickets (paper/cardboard)