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Model Time

The print of the ZIFA Ticket Stamper is extended by a time stamp, a feature usually found in stationary marking systems only. Driven by a high-quality clockwork this stamper prints the clock face with hour hand. Further, a special wheel is used to indicate the letters A or P (for AM/PM) providing a full 24h range.

A second clock face becomes visible by opening the flap to check the time printed and to help setting the clock.

The Ticket Stamper Time in detail:

- Typical print is built of: 6 digit wheels (usually date), 1 wheel A/P, clock face (a fixed block of up to 6 characters can be added in front to this print as usual)

- Clockwork is battery-powered: a chamber with 1 N-type cell (LR1) is built-in

- Clock is easily set

- Convenient handling in day-to-day mobile use

Print sample:

Suitable for marking train, bus, ferry, event tickets (paper/cardboard)

Ticket Stamper Time together with Wired Connection

The Wired Connection can be added to the Ticket Stamper Time if it is intended for use in vehicles and to be connected to an onboard unit. This way, you get date and time printed and a report entry with time stamp every time it is used. On this model, the coiled cord also connects an external battery chamber to the clockwork. The benefit is a battery type with much larger capacity which provides extended use without battery replacement.